Bing Search Engine

Bing was launched in 2009 as the successor to the previous search engines of Microsoft: Live Search, Windows Live Search, MSN Search. Now Bing powers Yahoo search too.

Indicators of Bing Search Ranking algorithm

  • Content - By providing clear, well-structured content on your website, Bing will rank your website higher. Websites that are thin on content, showing mostly ads or affiliate links, or that otherwise redirect visitors away to other sites quickly tend not to rank well.
  • Link - The site linking to your content is essentially telling Bing they trust your content. Abusive tactics of link building will be punished by Bing.
  • Social media - Social media plays an important role in Bing ranking algorithm. Bing will see as positive signals if your followers share your information widely.
  • Page load time (PLT) - Slow page load time can lead to a visitor to simply leave your page. Faster is better, but take care to avoid damaging the user experience.
  • Rich media - Sometimes Bing can’t parse rich media(Javascript, flash, etc.) navigation.
  • HTTP redirects -Bing prefers 301 permanent redirect when moving content, but also can handle 302 redirect for temporary moved content.
  • etc...

Bing Webmaster Tool

Bing webmaster tool gives the impression, that provides more functionality than Google webmaster tool, but the two webmaster tools checks different SEO rules. The functionality of Bing Webmaster Tool and Google Webmaster tool are alike.
  • Bing Crawl Errors
  • Site Configuration
  • Search queries impressions and clicks
  • Search traffic
  • Reports and data
  • Bing index
  • Search appearance
  • Diagnostics

What does not like Bing?

  • Cloaking – Cloaking is showing one version of a webpage to a search crawler, and another to normal visitors. For example writing white text to white background.
  • Link Buying, Link Spamming - Massive link building is penalized by Bing.
  • Social media schemes - Like farms are similar to link farms and they are also punished by Bing.
  • Meta refresh redirects - Instead of meta redirects which automatically redirect a visitor when the time expires, Bing recommends to use a normal 301 redirect.
  • Duplicate content - Duplicating content across multiple URLs can lead to Bing losing trust in some of those URLs over time.
Source - Things to Avoid

Bing SEO

  • Title tags - use brief and descriptive title tags
  • Meta description tags – keep these tags clear and relevant
  • Image alt attributes – use this to describe the image, so Bing can understand the content of the image
  • Heading tags h1 – help users understand the content of page. Bing recommends Only one H1 tag per page
  • Internal links – are the maps of your content. The linking structure can be used to locate the most relevant pages.
  • Links to external sources – Bing handles the links to external sources as signal that you trust that page.
  • Social sharing - enabling social sharing encourages visitors to share your content with their networks
  • Crawlability
  • Site structure
    • URL structure – keep it clean and keyword rich
    • Links – use internal and external links too
    • HTML and XML sitemaps
Source - Search Engine Optimization (SEO)