Google Search Engine

Google serves one billion searches every day.

For every search Google has to choose the best choices from millions of millions of possible results .

Google Search Ranking algorithm

To achieve the best website for the search keywords Google’s algorithm use more than 200 indicators for a website. Google’s search ranking algorithm:
  • counts the occurence of the word/phrase or synonym of the word/phrase in the webpage
  • looks at the words in page title
  • looks at the words in headings (< h1 >,< h2 >,… html tags)
  • looks at the works/phrase in meta information
  • looks if the meta information words/phrases pass with the frequently occurring words in the page
  • Larry Page Google’s co-founder and CEO invented the PageRank algorithm. PageRank words by counting the number of quality links to page to determine the importance of the website.
  • recognize unique and relevant content
  • etc...

Google Webmaster Tool

To help the website optimization, the communication with Google, Google developed the Google Webmaster Tools (GWT) for webmasters. GWT helps the webmasters with the following functions:
  • Google Crawl Errors
  • Search traffic
  • Search queries impressions and clicks
  • Google index
  • Security issues
  • Search appearance

What does not like Google?

  • copied content – the Panda algorithm was launched at 24th February of 2011. The algorithm affected 11,8% of searches of Google. The scope of the algorithm was to filter low-quality sites that does not provide relevant content. Ex: sites with copied content, sites full of keywords or sites made just for backlinks etc.
  • cloaking: when a website shows different information to search engine crawlers than users. Ex: when a site contains information with white text on white background.
  • keyword stuffing: webpages with keywords copied 100 times at the bottom of page.
  • paid backlinks: when one website pays to another to link his site. Even if Panda algorithm (which eliminates paid backlinks from the Google algorithm) of Google was launched in 2011 there are still companies which offers link building for sites.
  • websites with malware of viruses
  • websites with illegal content

Google SEO

To help search engine optimization Google published Starter Guide for search engine optimization: According to Google Starter guide the following optimization should be done for websites:
  • unique page title
  • use description meta tag
  • make your site easy to navigate
  • offer quality content and services
  • optimize anchor texts
  • write text description for images
  • use heading tags
  • make effective use of robots.txt
  • notify Google of mobile sites
  • effectively promoting your new content
    • make blog post from new features
    • use social networking to promote your site