Security analysis

A vulnerability is a weakness which allows an attacker to cause damage in the system.
If your system is vulnerable, the attackers can damage your system, but also can make harm to your customers and partners too. The security of the system is one of the most important feature.

Analyze My Site makes two security vulnerability check to your system:
  • get Apache version information
  • port scan for main services of the system.

Version information

Widespread system components vulnerabilities are published on the Internet. Knowing the system components exact version will let attackers to be prepared for the system attack. See apache httpd version vulnerabilities: Configure your system to don’t send any version information about your system. Analyze My Site will try to get apache version information as safety test. See vulnerabilities:

Open ports

Analyze My Site port scan will check for special open ports on the server. The port scan is designed to make no harm, will try to do just simple socket connections.
The functionality is implemented to raise awareness on security issues.
Port scan checks the standard open services by making socket connections to the following ports:
  • 20 -ftp
  • 22 -ssh
  • 23 - telnet
  • 25 - snmp
  • 53 -dns
  • 80 - http
  • 115 - sftp
  • 443 - https

SEO and security

SEO and security of your system has no direct relationship. However, as the website will be better ranked by the search engines, and will have more visitors, the more will attract the attention of hackers.